Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Nights

I'm usually the type of person who likes to have this organized and planned out before following through with things. But I also love just randomly calling up your cousin or your friend and just setting up something right then and there for that night. It's great!

So the other night I went to my cousin's house to ''Girl's Night.'' That included myself, Nikole Thomas, & my cousin Nicole. Yes the two Nikki's. - They are like my sisters, forrealz. Haaha. My cousin Nicole was the one that introduced me and Nikole to NewLife Worship Center. That church is a live moving experience. And now the three of us gals are on the road to God.

But anyways, the other night we went over to Nicole's house to watch Paranormal Activity - the version not showed in theaters! DUDE WTF. I was scared all over again and that ending was a whole lot better than the original. Craziness I tell you. And to top it off Jake (Nicole's husband) kept randomly coming down and scaring the CRAP out of us!!!!

Can you tell we are 'scared?'
But we made Jake take this picture since he loves to scare us.
Me and Nikole Thomas ( she's the one in the middle) suck at making scared faces.
Nicole (right) pretty much has it down.

Nikole & Nicole thought it was be funny to order a medium SQUARE cheese pizza.
I have weird phobias, one of them being square pizza. Freaks me out so I can't eat it.
Hardy ha ha, so funny. NOT.

& This picture is just random, because every 2.5 seconds I would just start snapping the camera.
What can I say? I love pictures, but they were making fun of me haha.


Then the next night Me, Alex, Tony, Kyle, & Mia all went out to eat at Hong Kong! Fun stuff, and good food. Plus I haven't has Chinese food since I was 9 months pregnant, since I heard it would induce labor. And God knows I was doing everything and anything to get Mia out. We took Mia home and my mom babysat for like an hour so we could drop Tony in Providence since Alex didn't want to get lost alone.

This is what our car ride consisted of.

This was when Tony was the one driving. I kept trying to blind him.
I have NO clue what happened that night. No drugs or alcohol involved, Just me being high off life.
Yes I am completely aware how dangerous this is.

Singing a song!
Okay no, I was kidding. This is me screaming.

& This is me smiling!
Dammit Tony, you never smile kid.

So yeah random nights, awesome. Drinks to that!

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  1. Yay for Girl's Night!! Glad you got to get out and have some fun :)