Saturday, December 5, 2009

AWing Mia's Newborn Pictures!

So yesterday I had an appointment with Simple Portraits in the mall for Mia's pictures. I was hoping and praying she wouldn't act fussy there. But of course my luck, she was fussy. Lol babies are so unpredictable! But on the bright side, we got some awesome shots. I signed up for a year worth membership there so I can get discounts and deals, plus no sitting fees. I went into the studio thinking I would be buying Collection 1, which is any 3 sheets. But once I had to choose from like 30 different ones, I couldn't do it. So I ended up buying 6 different poses, and also got 1 sheet free for having it been my first time there. I spent 105.98 + the 58.99 membership sign up fee. But it's worth it cause the ones that came out good, came out beautiful. I sat and cried looking at them last night, I produced such a beautiful child.

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