Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It was days like today where I would wake up to snow and bug my mother to go out and play.

That was then, this is now though. LOL. Snow is beautiful when you first wake up and nobody has plowed your streets yet, but once that happens I think it's just one big nasty, slushy mess.

Me and my mom had to go shovel this morning. Not fun, since it's raining out and the snow is extra heavy. And not to mention we both nearly pulled our backs out. I'm 17 going on 48 it feels like, my back shouldn't know how to 'throw out' yet, agree? Lol.

Times like these where I wish Javier or my father was here to do that job. But even if Javier was here, I'd still have to help, or he'd just piss and moan about me being lazy. But then again this time it might not have been the same, I would have a baby to take care of.

So basically, we need a handyman. Pronto.

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