Thursday, December 10, 2009

Two Months Old!

Lord, please make her stop growing. Freeze time? Is that even possible?

My Mia is two months old as of today, December 10, 2009. It's absolutely craziness how 2 months ago from today I was in the hospital crying in pain, haha. But then at 10:07pm, here came my precious baby.

I have two people to give thanks to for Mia being here. First is God, without him it wouldn't be possible. He gave me the most precious gift anybody could ask for, a beautiful healthy baby. & Javier, because, well his sperm met my egg. & woo-la, Mia.

She changes everyday, it's unbelievable. She's starting to get her own little personality now, it's so cute. She's most likely always in a good mood, unless she's tired, hungry, or overwhelmed with my lovings! Haha. Other than that, she is my perfect little angel.

My mom tells me all the time I should just let her cry it out for a few minutes. And I try to explain to her that it's not good for them. But then she goes on to tell me she did it to me and I turned out fine. So I told her "I'm not fine. Maybe that's why I have 'attachment issues' ... I clench on to the first person that tells me he loves me and now I can't get over it." She shut up real quick.

I'm so tired of the unsolicited advice from my family. Grandma, my kid does not need to be wrapped up in 7 blankets when she's inside of my heated house, the actual cold doesn't make anybody sick, it's a germ in the air. Hats, ear muffs, jackets, & mittens can't protect you from germs.

So that's all, just wanted to AW that Mia is 2 months today and just a short little vent. Happy two months!

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