Sunday, April 11, 2010

So what do you think?

I've been attending my church since last year, I'm a regular and consistent member of my church. About 2 or 3 months ago, I've starting seeing this guy there, he's always been a member but recently he's been getting more involved.
For the last 10 ten weeks, I've had a class on Wednesday nights for my church. Ministry Classes. Comes to find out he was in my class too. Oh, sorry "he" goes by the name of Michael. :)
So at the beginning of our 10 weeks, I was waiting by my pastor so I could talk to him after he was done with another person. So Michael came up behind me and just started small talk with me, no big deal. That Sunday that came up I had to sit alone with my friend's husband because she was working the Kid's Nursery. So I sat with her husband while Michael was collecting tithings. After church I ran into Michael he asked "So is that your boyfriend you were sitting with today?" I said No I'm single remember I told you that last Wednesday? Lol. So anyways that was that.
Wednesday night comes again, and I was parked allll the way in the back where it's dark and scary. So my friend Chris was walking with Michael and I asked Chris is he was parked back there but he wasn't. So Michael says 'Are you parked back there?" And I said Yess. And he goes Did you need somebody to walk you to your car. I was like Uhhh haha well I don't need somebody but I do get creeped out over there. So he said he would walk me to my car.
At the end of the night him and Pastor Ron walked me to my car and I was talking about how I needed to get my hubcap changed cause it was all cracked. And Pastor Ron was gonna do it then but I didn't have my other hubcap with me.
The next Wednesday night class, Michael walked me to my car again and he was like "Did you ever get that hubcap changed" (Note: I didn't even mention anything about my car, he brought it up by himself!) And I was like nope not yet. And he goes "I can take care of that for you on Sunday." I was like Okayy!
Sooo.. Sunday comes around and after church he comes outside to change my hubcap. It was really hot so I put Mia in her car seat and left the door open so she wouldn't suffocate. And while I was doing that, he yells over "Don't close her door she might die of the heat!" lmao, Thanks but I already knew this. So he's changing my hubcap and he asked how it got all cracked and I told him that my daughter's father kicked it in when he got mad at me. And he says "Oh how long ago was this?" I said It was a while back and he goes "Well how long is a while?" And I was like... uhhh last January. And he goes "Oh okay cause I'm just trying to figure everything out." Lol whatever, that doesn't have any relevance to my car.
So yeah, my last class comes and I had to share my testimony. What brought me to Jesus? So my testimony is what happened with my father and then with Javier. Michael walked me to my car again that night and I was talking about Mia, and he goes 'Amanda thank you for sharing your testimony, that is amazing. And I'm so glad that you're alive and okay today. And that you got your life back on track and you walk around with that big smile all the time."

End of story lol. Comments, suggestions, anything, come on ladies tell me what's good with this situation?!?!?!
 Haha am I just overanalyzing this? Or is he showing signs of interest?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Catching up: Work, School, Flood, Birthday & more.

It feels like forever since I had a freakin' computer. So much has happened. I believe Mia is 2 months older than she was since my computer crashed. (which is still getting fixed by the way, Thank the Lord for my laptop!)

So Mia is about to be 6 months old on the 10th of April. Crazy how it's flying by. She's ready to crawl, although she's been crawling backwards for a few weeks now, she got 2 teeth in. My baby isn't a baby anymore :(
This is Mia when she was 4 months. Strong girl!

& These two are from her 5 month photos!

Okay about a month ago I signed up for school, met with an advisor, submitted my entry application at CCRI and now I'm am officially an matriculated student! I'm just taking my general education courses there and transferring to RIC after I get my associates degree at CCRI. I'm plan to major in Social Working.

I found a job at Dunkin Donuts, I absolutely dread working there again because I worked at two other Dunkin's for almost 3 years already. So I'm sick of donuts and making haha. But money is money and I need money so here I am working at Dunkin again. I'm working the night shift, so my usual hours are 5 to 12:30ish.

I met a boyyyy! His name is Michael and he is Christian just like me! We go to the same church, he's 21 and so so nice! He offered to change my hubcaps on my car! I think he's interested, but maybe I'm just reading the wrong signs haha.

Historical Flood hit RI last week. Basically my whole city was under water, it was horrific. I got water in my basement, but thank God we live on a hill, some people got it worse like 5-6 feet of water in their house. The mall here is under water, totally ruined. They estimated it will cost over 5 million to fix. It's crazy, the water dams almost broke! Here are a few of the millions of photos.

Some houses by the beaches. & One of the dams.

Colony Ford, a car dealership. Every car is under water.

 Inside the mall :(

Down the street from me. Crazy.


So it's been crazy over here in RI. This flood was declared historic and will be in the textbooks when our kids are older apparently. Those were just a few of the pictures from thousands. It's heartbreaking and scary. The highway even got shut down for like two or three days cause the River was overflowing Highway 95.

My Birthday was Thursday, April 1st! My mom told me I could go out and she would watch Mia all night, not that Mia gets up in the middle of the night anyways. So me and my friends went to the club! It was so much fun, except for the fact I could barely dance or even walk the whole time cause of the heels I was wearing. But next time I go I am going to wear flat shoes haha. I got home at 5 in the morning, and I suppose Mia heard us walk in cause she was in her crib waiting for me haha. So I never went to bed that night or morning. I had to be into work for 5 that day and I got out at 1am. It was crazy with no sleep but I had a good time!

Alrighty folks, Mia is calling my name so i'll catch you cats later!