Friday, October 16, 2009

Mia Allison

So it was just another Friday night, I was overdue and moody. Around 6oclock-ish at night I suddenly felt like a HUGE amount of pressure. I didn't even wanna move. I kinda just stayed put for a while until it simmered down. Ended up going grocery shopping with mom, and came home. Around 9ish the pressure came back. Now, I was getting some back pain too. I thought to myself, is this it?

I was just anxious so I asked my mom if I should call the doctor, she said no because I'm not doubled over in pain. GAY. So I left and went to my cousins house, my cousin is also my labor coach. I stayed there for a while. Around 12:30am I decided to call the doctor because the pressure was being accompanied by pain waves, but not like unbearable ones. The doctor on call said to get the contractions down to at least 5 minutes apart (they were six apart at the time I called) and then head to the hospital to be checked. So I waited an hour maybe and they were down to 3 minutes apart. I went to the hospital.

Got there. Got checked, still 1cm dilated. FML. So they kept me there for an hour but ended up sending me home because I wasn't progressing. Got home around 4am. Pissed off, Wasn't really able to sleep but dosed off here and there. All of a sudden around 6:30am contractions got INTENSE. I was doubled over. Crying just a little, and flipping out on my dad because he kept telling me to "Savor the moments." By 9am I couldn't take it anymore, so we headed back to the hospital.

Got there and got checked again. Now I magically went from 1cm to 1 1/2cm. WOW GREAT WORK VAGINA. Anyways, so they kept me, an hour later, I was at 3cm. They admitted me. THANK GOD, cause I was NOT about to go home with those contractions. Doctor said that another doctor will be covering for my usual OB cause it's the weekend. Again, FML. So contractions started to get worse and worse. I couldn't wait to get to 5cm so I could get an epi. YES, I NEEDED TO GET THE EPI.

Surprisingly, I was doing really good. I wasn't like screaming ot anything, not really crying yet. Just breathing like a mofo when a contraction came upon. The only thing I was really doing was saying that I couldn't do this and I was going to die. But I wasn't yelling, I was politely saying it, if you can imagine how that could sound?

So 5cm came along, got the epi. Let it kicked in and I was in heaven, for about an hour. Apparently, I had a 'window' in my right side. So the epi wasn't working over there. They gave me some pitocin, which made the contractions hurt even more, for me at least. I was crying because I kept telling the nurse I could feel my feet and legs again, and she kept telling me that's good. NOT REALLY, because along with feeling my feet and legs I felt the PAIN too. She was a biitch though, so whatever.
Before I knew it, I was almost at 9cm. They ended up giving me another dose of my epi because the pain was like out of this world for me. I believe I got the second dose right after I was 9cm. So then the pain wore off again about a half an hour later in the same spot. UGH WTF. So I just dealt with it sorta. I was crying at this point a little. Kept saying I couldn't do it, I was scared. A baby was about to come out my vagina though, so I guess it was exceptional behavior.

Doctor came through to check my status, I was 9 1/2cm. Almost there! So I started to push to help make the pain go away, my nurse referred to them as 'practice pushes.' Doctor came in at 10:05pm and said I had about a half and hour left before I needed to really push cause I wasn't 'stretched out enough.' He left the room. I did this HUGE ASS MOTHERFUCKING PUSH. And her came was out. The nurse freaked and was screaming "NANCY GET THE DOCTOR GET THE DOCTOR." The other nurse comes in casually, like what's wrong? Sees the head is clearly out of the vagina. She flies over to my bed, trying desperately to put gloves on, the doctor comes in casually and is yelling at the nurses "Put your hand on the head, push it in." UHM NO WTF BUDDY, WE WANT THE KID OUT.  So then I just pushed again, and Mia Allison was born at 10:07pm.

It was crazy, tiring, and painful. But once she came out it didn't even matter. I didn't cry when he first came out though, I feel kind of guilty. I was just like in shock still about how dumb this doctor covering for me was. I started to cry like 10 minutes later I think. Reality set in by that time.

Overall, labor was 18 hours long. I pushed for 20 minutes, and then she was out. I only had tore slightly, so I ended up with 1 stitch. Prettty good for my first baby i guess! Great work vadge. ;)

Here's my beautiful baby girl.


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