Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Love You Amanda Phillips.

So I had this waiting for me one day on my myspace from Javier.

"Idk how to start here... I know that i was the one who did it wrong, but i'm so mad at myself for that and i know that i can just get my life together like your telling me to.....   and that's what i'm gonna do, i just need sometime cuz right now things are going so bad in Puerto Rico...   it's none works, no money for beca, and the streets are really bad... But i got nothing else to do to make some money so that's what i'm doing right now.....   just keep me on  your ORACIONES 

Yet you do nothing to prove it.

Yes Javier, you have enrolled back into school, I think that's great and I'm really happy. Next you got a job and you start Monday, again I'm really proud of you.

You tell me to give you time, I can do that. I can literally wait forever for you, which is sad but I can. So I am giving you time. 

You tell me you love me though, & last week on the phone you tell me "If you don't think you can wait for me just tell me Amanda." I assured you that I am willing to wait and I'm not going to fuck around on you while I wait. I told you the same, if you wanna work it out then work it out. But if you can't wait cause you have to go get your dick wet then tell me cause I'm not trying to be played by a fool.

But It kills me how I go on your myspace and you posted these new pictures up. You never told me you got a tattoo of your first daughters name on your chest. And I'm not trying to be the jealous mom over here, but it would of been nice to know ahead of time. You have all these pictures up on your myspace of Jadielys but none of Mia? I don't get it.

Now I see that your myspace is all fixed up now, and you have more pictures of your other daughter, still none of Mia. And next to Jady's name you say "This is my QUEEN." Okay I'm sorry, what about Mia?

And I love how your fucking myspace still says your single? I'm sorry I thought you wanted to work it out with me? Seriously. And the other new pictures of you with your shirt of flexing your muscles? "There's something sexy right?" Who the fuck are you trying to impress asshole. If I wasn't a goddamn mother I would go take a fucking picture of my ass and my tits and post them up on there and caption them as "Now THERE is something sexy." You are pissing me off here.

THEN, the corker is when the other week you say I never talk to you anymore. Okay I have been trying to get a hold of you for the past week, no fucking reply. I message you on myspace, and you read them but no reply. What the fuck is up dude?

I am so ready to fucking delete you off of myspace cause looking at your page gives me anxiety.


  1. You are better than that! Would you want Mia dating a guy like that? Really - there is so much more to life than a guy like that - and you shouldn't wait. A person should never have to change for someone else... what you see is what you get! You need to move on - focus on Mia and pray for God to send you a man that you deserve - a man that will care for you, take care of you, and love you both. Think of the man you'd want Mia to marry - that's the man you should be looking for.

  2. Girl you need to move on. You keep playing this game and you will end up just like your parents. You dad makes empty promises but never follows through. Looks like Javier will be the same way.

  3. Why do you WANT an abusive, lying, dead beat dad as your boyfriend? If there's any proof in the world that 17 year olds should have protected sex, it's this because now you've brought a baby into your self centered, immature world. Quit whining and moaning about this jackass loser. Do what you have to do for your baby and stop creating drama.

  4. Its her choice to want whoever she wants creating drama no i think shes speaking the truth. i think you need to grow up she obv has a blog to vent