Friday, November 27, 2009


That number has haunted me for the past 2 years of my life, no joke.

I never understood the significance of it. I was actually quite scared of the number for a long time. When I was in the hospital last year for a while dealing with depression, they told me I was going home on 10.10. I freaked out, I begged to stay longer in fear something 'bad' would happen if I had left that day. But the assholes discharged me anyways. Lol.

It's so weird, I used to wake up to that number on the clock. I would see it randomly when I went out. My total at the store sometimes came to it. I was freaked out. Thought it was a sign or some shit like that.

But only to find out that the number 10.10 was the day my daughter made her way into my world.

I forgot about the number for a while, but the other day my friend mentioned it to me. So weird how it all played out like that. I guess it was a sign in its own little way. Scared the shit out of me but who would of thought 2 years later I would of given birth to a child on that day. She was born at 10:07pm, I joke with my family on how I should of did that huge ass push 3 minutes later.

My daughter is my world. People often ask if I could turn back time would I have used better judgment? I tell them no because in my heart I truly believe she was sent to me for a reason. I don't regret her, she's not a mistake.

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She's my 10.10 miracle.

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