Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Wednesday.

Excuse my tired eyes as I went to bed late last night and woke up early. I don't understand but I can be draggin' ass all day long and still stay awake till 2am. It drives me bonkers. I just want to sleep but can never fall asleep. So here I am tired and drained, did I mention I have work in like an hour? Yeah it's going to be a fun night.

So two big days are coming up in the next two weeks. July 11th - Mia's Dedication. & July 14th - My Graduation. I am so excited! After each event nothing huge is going on afterwards, but probably just something simple back at my house. Either way I am psyched!

We are cute. Haha, remember how I talked a little bit about Birthday planning last post? Yes well, my photographer aka Alex my cousin did them for me finally! The above pictures were just playing around before the real fun began!

I decided to only post the pictures from just playing around on my Facebook, only because I want the 'real photo shoot' pictures to be a surprise to everybody once they get their invites. After I send out the invitations, I shall post every picture on Facebook.

Though my cousin is not a professional photographer, she does have a nice camera and some skills with it, also has a picture editor. So I asked her just to snap a few shots for me. But a few pictures turned into like 50, and I had a hard time choosing cause they all came out amazing. So out of all these amazing pictures I had to choose from, I could only choose three. Wanna see the final results? Sure ya do.




I also decided that Mia will wear her tutu for her birthday party as well. I will be ordering her a T-shirt off of etsy somewhere. And She will wear the shirt, the tutu, and some leggings. I'm excited.

One last thing, I need your opinions. For Party favors, I am going to try something different. I have been cleaning and saving Mia's baby food jars. I have ordered and received 'address size' labels saying "Thank you for joining the fun now that Mia is 1!" on them. I also ordered 'cake decorative toppers' but instead of them being used for that, I bought ribbon and plan to tie it around the jar, hole punch the toppers and tie it around the jar also. The topper has Mia's face on it, and on the other side a crown (so cute!)

So this is where I need you ladies - What should I do with the Jar?

1. Put sand in the jar with a tealight
2. Tiny rocks in the jar, different colors
3. Put soil in the jar and have seeds tied along with the ribbon also.
4. Amanda you should do this with the jar (your idea here)


  1. What about bubble bath? Might be a cute idea : )

  2. I love the pics, so cute! I like the idea of putting soil and seeds in the little jars. It's sweet!