Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where in the world ...

Did those 7 months go? Seriously.

Happy 7 months Mia!

7 Months just doesn't seem real to me. At 2 months all I kept thinking was its going by fast. But in all honestly 2 months she was still a baby baby! Pretty soon I'm going to be planning her first birthday party and sending out invites! Now seriously, where has the time gone?

Truth is, right now I have so much thought in my head that I can't even type it out. I love this little girl so much, more than words could ever say. The only thing I regret, which is kind of silly in my opinion, but I regret not watching Mia be born with a mirror. I missed the most magical site anybody could ever witness. But I was too scared, cause I thought it would hurt more watching myself getting ripped open down there. Other than that I would not have changed a thing.

In her cute little overall jean dress.

Okay so I look like a hot mess, I had gotten out of work and not showered yet.
Yes, I know, gross. But Mia's face is priceless. Haha!

Anyways, I am sleep deprived from work and Mia. Lol so I can't think straight these days. So bare with me people!


  1. Oh my goodness you're daughter is adorable! Love her eyelashes!