Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh Mia!

Oh Mia are the only words I could say while I stood there talking to Michael this afternoon and Mia projectile pukes across the room. OMGosh.

You remember me mentioning Michael a while back right? Well before you get all happy for me, don't cause I'm not dating him or anything haha. I kind of took a wild chance today and went to go surprise him and play dumb at his work.

He works at his dad's restaurant, Michelangelo's. So today I called my best friend and was like "I am feeling a little forward today, wanna do something with me?" Of course my partner in crime, Lourenco, said yes! So as we are on our way to go out to eat my stomach is in my throat haha. I felt so ridiculous.

We get to the place, and I didn't see his car. Then I look a little further and I see his motorcycle, I was like Oh man he is here I'm gonna be sick Lourenco, I can't do this! So she's all encouraging me to be confident and just play it off as nothing.

So we walk in there and Mia is in my arms, I'm pretending to text on my phone, and Lourenco was first to order her food. So I'm just like screaming on the inside while I try to play cool looking at the menu board. I hear Michael's voice, "Oh Hey Amanda!" I turn around, and I'm like Oh heyyy Michael! I didn't know you worked at this one? I thought you told me you worked at Delicilizo or whatever it is? And he's like Oh no, I work here.

So Lourenco jumps in and was like "Oh yeah we just came from visiting my boyfriend and he said to come here cause you guys had like the best sandwiches!" Lol she's so silly sometimes.

So he turns to me and was like "What are you having." And I'm like "I just want turkey on bread Nothing else, I'm a picky eater." And he smiles and he's like "Do you want a soft roll?" I was like Yeah that's fine. Then he looks up and he's like "Do you like pickles?" And I laughed and I was like No not since I got pregnant with Mia.

All of a sudden Mia projectile pukes onto the floor. I was like Oh My Gosh, this is not happening. Lmao So I'm like Oh God I'm so Sorry Michael I'm so sorry. He's all like it's okay do you need napkins? I'm like no I got it. Ugh it was so embarrassing!

Anyways, so we ate in peace, Michael pointed out that he had a highchair for Mia. And he even served us our food! They usually don't do that, it's kind of like a subway you just grab your food at the counter. Lol then he came and cleaned up our plates and everything, as he came over to my table he goes "Can I clear that out for ya Missy?"

I busted out laughing, I thought that was so sweet. I was like "Missy?" And he started laughing. Then we left, and as we left, stupid Lourenco beeped the horn to say goodbye lmao.

So that was it, nothing too exciting, just a story I wanted to share!


Did you guys know that Mia is crawling?! It's so freaking cute! I can't stand it. She's not even 7 months either, plus she is still a peanut, so it looks weird lol. She's crawling, pulling herself up on EVERYTHING, and cruising around the coffee tables in my house.

You can see her crawling here ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dn6IEpA1h4
Also a video of Mia talking here ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7GlFRW66_8

& Just since I have been slacking in the picture department too, here are some updated picture of Mia!

Ah I can't even stand the cuteness!

This is Lourenco and Mia! ... Mia looks a little devilish here.

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