Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good News Tuesday!

So it's almost 2am here in Little Rhody and I just got out of work.

Just a short story here real quick that I feel I should share - I was driving home from work and I finally pull into the driveway. FYI, my interior light doesn't work, fml. But I keep feeling this little tingle on my hand. So I put my hand up to the light from the moon, none the less a spider, I freaked out. I jumped out of the car and started screaming. I think I woke up some neighbors. I jumped right in the shower I felt so creeped out lol.

Anyways, yeah I needed to really share that, because as I sit here typing this out that's all I can think of and I can't stop laughing of how I must of looked outside jumping around screaming.

I do have good news to share though!

First I have found a new job opportunity at Citizen's Bank doing customer surveys. The pay is so much better than at Dunkin Donuts and the hours are a little less, but either way I will still be taking more money home! I'm just waiting for my BCI's to clear and I'm all set to start! I'm so excited, but I'm nervous about quiting Dunkin.

The other part of my good news is about Michael. Remember me talking about him a few posts back? Yeah well anyways ... I would just like to share that a few Sundays ago he came up and gave me a HUG. Which is kind of random cause he never touched me before, usually it's just a handshake if anything lol. And this past Sunday I went up to him after church and Mia was getting cranky in my arms and he rubbed her back and said "Aww what's wrong? Aww you're so beautiful!" haha I melted!

Then I asked him, "Michael i have a questionnn, can you explain to me how to put air in tires cause I need to go do that?" He thought about it for a minute and goes "Uhmm well give me a few minutes and I can go with you to the Shell station if you want, and I'll do it for you there." :) :) :) :)

So we went and he's putting air in my tires and he's checking all the pressures on everything and what not. All cute and stuff haha. Mia is passed out in the backseat thank God. He starts saying "Amanda you should get your tires rotated ... like really soon" Lol so I was saying "Yeah I know and I need to get a stupid oil change cause I am like 10,000 miles overdue haha." And he goes "I'll check your oil too." I told him not to though because he was nicely dressed and he said he didn't care so he did it anyways.

Oh and BTW, my oil was good for now! :)

That's basically it though, nothing spectacular, but the whole story with Michael makes me smileee :) I just wish I knew if he liked me or not though. Not that I care how long it takes, but I don't want to spend my time getting excited every Sunday I get to see him at church and everything, KWIM? Hahaa, everybody says he likes me because if he didn't he wouldn't go out of his way to help me or he wouldn't care to ask certain questions you know? But I guess I am just good at second guessing everything. We will see what happens next with this kid!

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